Publishing and marketing

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Ernest Hemingway

 Writing photo.jpg

Well the writing of my debut novel Not Too Old for Love is complete at last.

That is to say the final draft of this baby boomer romance was completed months ago, and my wonderful beta readers gave me fabulous feedback.

But then the manuscript was rewritten again and again, until I was finally satisfied it was as polished as I could get it.  Next followed all the boring grammatical and punctuation checks.

Eventually I plucked up courage and submitted the manuscript of this contemporary, sweet, easy read, romance to a publisher, and sat back nervously to await their decision.

After a wait of almost five weeks I received news the other day from the potential publisher, Devine Destinies.  This romantic novel is the first I have written, and this is my first submission, so you can imagine how delighted and surprised I was when they offered me a publishing contract.


Now I face the task of fitting my romance novel into the house style of the publisher. So, it’s back to school for me in a way, some fifty-seven years after I left it. Wish me luck.

But is it the end of the journey for me?  It seems not, for now my sweet, easy read romance must undergo ordeal by editor.  No doubt the manuscript will be backwards and forwards for some time while the editor and I attempt to find common ground.

In the meantime, I must try to get a grip with the whole process of marketing through social media.  I used to think I was reasonably technologically savvy for an old geezer, but social media is something of a nightmare for me as I tried to understand it and use it to maximum effect.  It seems I must understand and use every tool in the marketing tool box if I am to succeed.

Marketing toolbox.png

Follow my journey if you wish and feel free to offer any tips, help, or advice that might help me find my way through the minefield that is social media.  The button on my contract page eagerly awaits your digit, or you can tweet me @peterperrin44.

minefield.jpegSo, watch this blog and follow me on my tortuous path to publication.  Hopefully this dream will become reality in maybe six months or so, and people will be able to read a sweet easy romance that makes them laugh and shows baby boomers in a different light.


The end.


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