About ‘Not Too Old for Love’

The thnot-too-oldeme of my book ‘Not Too Old for Love’ is that a vulnerable divorcee wants to be left alone to mend her emotional and psychological wounds but her tranquillity is interrupted by the arrival of a larger-than-life widower seeking female company. He wants company without commitment.

Both parties are forced to compromise, and to face up to emotions and conflicts they thought they were too old to experience.

This book is for all romance readers but may strike a special note with more mature romance lovers. The publisher handling it has described it as very unique, and a sweet, fun, easy read.

It takes place primarily in The Grange, a substantial 17th Century Manor House that has been converted into a luxury retirement village, offering 5* leasehold apartments and first-class facilities and service. Its inhabitants are a motley bunch of baby boomers whose interactions with each other should make you rethink your views on the older generation, and give you some laughs as well.

My heroine is Grace Stollery, and at sixty-eight years of age she is a baby boomer. She was born in Romford, in the county of Essex in England.

At just over five-feet tall she is both petite and slim, and has killer legs. A semi-retired professional artist she lives in The Grange, a retirement village in Gloucester, England.

She’s not too old for love but— having recently come out of a messy divorcelove is the last thing she is looking for right now.

My hero is Alfred Nobel, who at seventy-one years of age is just a tad too old to be thought of as a baby boomer. He was born in Hornchurch, in the county of Essex in England.

A giant of a man at six feet-five he is a retired Royal Air Force Air Commodore, and a widower of five years. Alfred is looking for a good time, the last thing he wants is to commit himself to one woman.

Will hero and heroine be able to stick to their own plans or will fate throw them together. And will their potential relationship be threatened by a devious third party with her own agenda?


Who are the characters in your novel, and what can you tell us about them?

The end.





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