Hobbies and interests etc.

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To many people hobbies are simply a break from their everyday life. They can be an opportunity to exercise skills that they can’t in their jobs. Or, they may be a chance to learn new skills and develop hitherto unknown or underdeveloped talents.

But for seniors in retirement, they may be much more.  They can be a means to occupy the extra time they now have and give them a sense of value and of achievement. They can provide company, stimulation, and satisfaction.

A hobby can give somebody the opportunity to interact with people whom they would not otherwise meet. This can be actual personal contact or remotely via Skype, or Facetime, or even online gaming. For some people their hobby may be the only contact with the outside world.  This alone can help in staving off loneliness and even depression.

Subject to time and financial constraints it is even a good idea to have more than one hobby. This way is possible to stimulate different parts of the brain and indeed to have hobbies that require different skills. If you are good with your hands, then creative hobbies would be of interest to you.

And of course, some hobbies can be done alone, and others around or with other people. Some of them even include at least some element of exercise as a bonus. This can be something as simple as walking to your favourite angling spot on the lake, and then casting for and playing fish. Or it can involve walking in the countryside in the pursuit of subjects for painting or photography. Some peoples hobby/interest involves far more exercise than this and can involve things like rock climbing.


I suppose I have three hobbiesAngling, Gaming, and Writing. Although interestingly some people seeing Angling as a sport (and indeed it has its own world championships).

By gaming I mean computer and console gaming, which although generally aimed at younger people still gives me mental stimulation.


But to call my third hobby just a hobby is misleading and insulting to other people who do it. Obviously, I’m talking about writing.  When I started, it I did indeed think of as a hobby

But it has turned out to be so much more. Indeed, my debut novel Not Too Old for Love has been accepted for publication as an eBook and should be available in about six months’ time. This has been a rewarding and satisfying pursuit in terms of what I’ve been able to achieve, given that I am in my early 70s and haven’t been to school for over fifty-seven years.

Writing with computer.jpg

It is definitely something I recommend as a way of exercising your brain and staving off dementia.

What hobbies/interests do you do? Especially you seniors/baby boomers?




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