#Baby Boomers and music

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Boomers are aged between 53 and 71. They were born between 1946 and 1964 and grew up experiencing some significant changes in the world of music.

And if my wife is anything to go by as she approaches her 70th birthday that music— and the ability to absorb and enjoy more modern music—keeps Baby Boomers young.

And it’s not just listening to music that seems to keep Baby Boomers young. Playing it or singing it seems to do the same for them, and for some even older folk.

The Rolling Stones gave us great songs like (I can’t get no) Satisfaction, and Jumpin’ Jack Flash . Who would have thought they would still be playing today, with a combined age of 290.


Or that the two surviving members of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney (74) and Ringo Starr (76) who gave us hits like She Loves You and I want to hold your hand would still be able to entertain today.


And who can forget Sir Elton John (69) and such songs as Rocket man, and Candle in the Wind. Still performing in 2017.


And, lest we forget the ladies, Dolly Parton is still performing aged 71. But she is dwarfed by Loretta Lynn, still singing at 84.









Other greats still performing include Chubby Checker (74), Bob Dylan (75), and Willie Nelson (83).




But one of the oldest must surely be Chuck Berry. At the incredible age of 89 he’s possibly the oldest singer/musician still performing.


But I’d be happy to be proved wrong about that, so why don’t you let me know of any even older singers/musicians you know who are still performing.

End of post.


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  1. I love all of the performers and their music that you mentioned. I was playing the Who, Gordon Lightfoot, Bill Joel and Fleetwood Mac–just a few of my favorites earlier. The music still inspires me.


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