#Romance book editing and checking tools.

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I am still somewhat new to the whole writing game, and it is some fifty-seven years since I left school. So, I need all the help I can get, especially in respect of editing.

Therefore, I have equipped myself with a range of tools, such as Hemingway editor—PerfectIt—and Grammarly to help me with work on my debut romance novel Not Too Old for Love“.

I don’t suppose these are new to most authors, but they have been very helpful to me.

Hemingway editor helps me keep my sentences easy to read.  Sometimes this means authors using less words, sometimes different words.  It suggests simpler phrases and steers me towards the use of active voice rather than passive.

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And it prevents me using adverbs when I don’t need to.  And all this without having to put my tired old brain through any classes.

PerfectIt runs a series of tests, covering such things as contractions, compound words, abbreviations, open brackets and quotes, hyphenations, similar words, and preferred spelling.

Grammarly is great at picking up spelling errors and the like, and suggesting alternative words.

And, I use Microsoft Word’s speech recognition program quite a lot when working on my novel because my typing is rubbish.  The fact it helps to reduce RSI is a bonus.

Finally, I tend to use a text to speech programme at the final stages of the novel .  This is particularly helpful in picking up missing or duplicate words, whereas a read through has the brain seeing what it expects rather than what is actually there (or not there). I prefer the voice of MS Word’s built in speech system but it is aggravating to use, and sometimes I use Natural Reader Free, or Balabolka. Each of the systems has advantages and disadvantages and which you choose for editing your novel is very much down to personal preference.

If you have any other tools or apps you use for editing and checking etc. of your Romance Novel why not let me know and talk about the pros and cons of them.

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