Adam Mann Character Interview

This week I am lucky enough to have a character interview of Jennifer (a.k.a. Jenn), from Adam Mann’s novel ‘Body Heat’.


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Adam has lived and worked in Africa and Asia for many years. He has always been fascinated by personal relationships, and in real life is now enjoying his fourth marriage, after being widowed, divorced, had one marriage annulled as that ‘wife’ had forgotten to get divorced.

As a result he has extensive experience of social and sexual activities, which he brings into all his books in explicit detail. Underlying all these activities is a quest for a loving and ongoing relationship with his partner.
Four novels have been based in Africa, eleven in Asia and eight in Europe. Adam now lives in Vietnam, and has written eight romance books, all based in Asia, and his last four based in Europe and Canada.
Adam has been awarded several prizes for his novels.

The Character Interview
  1. What is your name and how old are you?
    My name is Jennifer and I’m 25. 
  2. Do you have, or have you ever had, a nickname?
    Most people I know call me Jenn, except my mother. 
  3. Are you married?
    I used to be, but last year I got divorced, as my husband took all my furniture and ran off to live with another woman. 
  4. Where were you born?
    I was born in Bangkok, in Thailand. 
  5. How would you describe your physical characteristics?
    I like to think I’m attractive, I’m about 1.78m tall, and not fat, so I usually weigh in at about 60 kgs.  I have long black hair and dark brown eyes, and my skin colour is light brown.  I don’t wear a lot of make-up, just lipstick. 
  6. How would you describe your personality?
    Now that I’ve recovered from the divorce I feel much better in myself, but I don’t suffer fools gladly.
  7. What do you most like about yourself?
    I like most people I meet.
  8. Do you have a trait you dislike?
    Liking people too easily.
  9. Do you generally tell the truth? If so, under what circumstances would you lie?
    Yes.  But I was too obstinate before I got married, and I was wrong.  My mother was right, I should never have married that man. 
  10. What hopes and ambitions do you have?
    I’ve just met a new man, from South Africa, and I like the look of him, so it would be easy for me fall in love with him, but I don’t know if he will reciprocate.
  11. How are your relationships with your own sex, generally?
    Good, I only really had problem with my mother. Local Thai girls don’t think of me as competition as my skin is darker, but I’m also taller.
  12. How are your relationships with the opposite sex, generally? Some men are a bit pig headed, like my boss at work. I don’t have boyfriends, but I do have some male friends, but not intimate. 
  13. How would you describe your dress style?
    I like casual clothes, but at work I have to wear formal office clothes, which I’m used to now, but they used to be uncomfortable.
  14. What hobbies/interests do you have? With my work I’m fairly busy, but I do like to exercise regularly. I do my own cooking, and like experimenting with new dishes, and at the end of the day watch TV.
  15. What sports do you do, or watch? I’m not too keen on football – we have too much on TV – but I like MMA, and some of the woman that participate. 
  16. What are your favourite foods/drinks?
    Local food is rice based, but I do like pies and pastry which I try to make for myself.
  17. How would you describe your sense of humour? I like jokes and often comedy of situation problems I find amusing. 
  18. How would you describe your temper?
    Not good, I can get cross very easily, but at work I have to keep it under control.
  19. Do you think your author has portrayed you accurately? He’s very flattering, but I like what he said about me. 
  20. Do you think readers will like or dislike you?
    I hope they like me.  I am mixed race.  My father is Indian and came from Goa, whilst my mother is from an ethnic minority group near to Lao, which gives me my brown skin, so I’m a bit darker than ethnic Thai ladies.BodyHeat-Adam Mann.jpgGet in touch with the author:

    Adam’s website:

    Publisher:          Phaze Books.

    Adam’s book pages:

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