#Not Too Old

For the last six weeks my brain has refused to function while I’ve been waiting for the first round of edits on “Not Too Old for Love” to come back from the publisher. I have probably still got another couple of weeks to wait but I had to force myself to write something or give up. So, I’ve punched out a very provisional start to Chapter One of Book Two, which I attach below for the amusement of anyone who is interested. The basic concept came to me this morning just after I woke up, and I scribbled it frantically into a notebook while the muse was with me.

Let the game begin. Hope gazed across The Lounge Bar of The Grange at the target of her affections… Wilfred. Her eyes locked onto his and she maintained eye contact as she walked across the room towards him.
Dozens of people were waiting in the room to welcome Grace and Alfred back from their honeymoon. But Hope felt as if she and Wilfred were the only two people there, such was the strength of her attraction to him. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer and her mouth was as dry as sandpaper. As she reached him she breathed in the smell of sandalwood and Old Spice and felt a lump in her throat. She’d thought about this moment for the past couple of weeks. Now she could hardly believe she was finally going to make her move.
Hope reached out and touched Wilfred’s arm. “Hello, Wilfred. ‘Ave e ever seen two people look happier than Grace and Alfred?”
Wilfred smiled at her. “Can’t say I have, Hope. Or should I say, Faith? I never can tell you and your sister apart.”
“Oh, I’m definitely Hope,” she replied. “Would it make it easier for you if I used a distinctive perfume and wore a revealing top?” She noticed him gulp and felt a burst of pleasure that caused her to smile. But her smile vanished in a heartbeat when he frowned and replied, “There’s no need to do that on my account.”
Then Wilfred indicated a woman standing next to him, whom Hope hadn’t noticed until then. “Oh, by the way, I don’t think you’ve met my date. This delectable lady is Diva.”
Hope looked at the woman Wilfred indicated and felt her heart plummet like a boulder over a cliff. How can I compete with this exotic beauty who is at least ten years younger than me? With such a stunning rival I’ll have my work cut out if I’m going to win Wilfred’s heart.

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