At last, a chance to write something on my blog. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been occupied with the first round of editing on my debut novel “Not Too Old for Love.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my editor, partly because it’s the first time I’ve had to go through this but also because I’ve heard such different stories of other people’s experiences.

writing quote 1.jpeg

I was surprised by the methodology of the editor to start with. She read the whole book apparently and said she loved it and it was quirky, funny, and with sexy old people. But she only line-by-line edited the first two (out of twenty-six) chapters. It seems it’s the publisher’s practice to point out repeat errors etc in the early chapters, and then get the author to learn from these and repeat the process for the rest of the book.


At first, I thought this was ducking their responsibility and shoving it onto me. But now I see that it’s a cost-effective way of dealing with straightforward, and mainly technical errors. And I learnt a lot about ‘interrupting dialogue tags’ from this exercise and enjoyed removing them and, where appropriate, finding suitable action tags to replace them with.

So, the rewrites were finished a few days ago and I now await (with bated breath as they say) the editor’s second stage of comments. I’m just hoping they won’t involve major changes/restructuring/reordering scenes etc.

And it would be nice if only a couple of rounds of edits/rewrites turn out to be necessary as it’s time consuming.

Why not comment on your experiences in the matter of edits, both for my benefit and of those others as inexperienced as me?



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