# Author Interview

Today I’m delighted to introduce a new author,  Elizabeth Jade. She has just had an illustrated novel, Akea – The Power of Destiny published, which is available on Amazon.

  • So, Elizabeth, let’s kick things off with an overview of the novel.

    Certainly. It follows the young husky, Akea through the unexpected twists and turns of a ‘journey’ that will change not just her own life, but the lives of everyone she meets, including that of Kazakh, a wolf who must make sure Akea is ready to fulfil her destiny, no matter what the cost.

  • What inspired you to write it?

    I like to have an image in front of me of the characters I’m working with at the time, and I was searching for pictures for another story about a Dalmatian who met a husky.  I found an image of a female husky that ‘spoke to me’ and I was inspired to write the story ‘Akea’ from this.
  • What did you most enjoy about writing it?

    Finishing it! When I get into the flow of a story, it takes on a life of its own. The words are fighting to get out of my head faster than I can get them onto paper. I can be up half the night just trying to empty my head so that I can sleep. It’s all rather exhausting.

  • And what did you enjoy least about writing it?

    Editing! I’m not sure if it’s due to my Aspergers or not, but once a story is finished my mind moves onto the next one. Most of the editing is done for me, but on the odd occasion when a scene needed fleshing out by me, I found it really difficult to go back to.

  • Did you find at any time that a character took over the writing and the scene/chapter ended up different to what you intended or expected?

    Not so much taking over a scene, but the character of Raghnal, who was only supposed to be in one part of the story, wrote himself back in towards the end.

  • Were you influenced by any other authors, or particular novels?

    My stories aren’t even influenced by me. They are fully fledged stories written by my subconscious, who just expects me to write them down like a secretary.

  • Did you have to do much research?

    Yes! As the story is set in Siberia, I wanted to make sure I knew what the landscape was like, when and how the seasons changed the land and to include character names that had meanings in the language of that area.

  • How long did the novel take you to write?

    Mentally it was written very quickly, but physically it took a lot longer as I hit a writing block. I knew the story was there, but I couldn’t seem to connect to it. But as I wrote the story nearly five years ago, I really can’t remember how long.

  • Is it stand alone or part of a series?

    It’s part of a series. I have already written the second book and part of the third. I’m also part way through the fourth and have written the odd part of some of the others. My head says there are at least twelve in the series.

  • Do you write in any other genre?

    Animals are my passion, I also think they make more sense than people, so most of what I write involves them in an adventure of some kind. However, I have made tentative steps into both detective and people related adventure stories.

  • What have you had published prior to this?

    About five years ago I self-published an eBook on Amazon, called One Last Run, that I had written before Akea. But it is very basic in comparison and I think shows my inexperience with writing at that time.

  • Do you write using a computer, pen and paper, or a mixture of the two?

    When I wrote Akea, it was purely pencil and paper, although I researched on the computer. Now I tend to write on my tablet device, but I always return to pencil and paper when writing for Akea as this helps to keep my writing similar to the original.

  • Do you work from an outline or just kick off the story and see what happens?

    The finished story comes pre-written in my head and I have to write it down as each portion surfaces, regardless of what else I’m supposed to be doing at the time.

  • Are you a disciplined writer, writing to a routine? Or do you write when the mood or inspiration takes you?

    I can’t plan to write, I just have to be equipped at all times just in case.

  • Do you write in total peace and quiet, in isolation? Or do you prefer noise, perhaps music, and company?

    I’m a compulsive multi-tasker – I’m usually researching on one device, watching you tube videos on another and writing at the same time. Occasionally I write in silence, but I can’t remember which applied to Akea.

  • Apart from writing what interests, hobbies, do you have?

    I find playing the guitar very restful and I enjoy model making – sometimes constructing things from my own ideas and other times printing things off and building to a template.

  • Are your family and friends interested in and supportive of your writing?

    My family find my stories interesting and my writing methods fascinating. My mother is my editor which is a very supportive role as she sometimes has to understand what I meant as much as what I have written.

  • Could anybody recognise themselves in this novel?

    Only if they are a wolf or a husky and they don’t usually read books.

  • What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

    Writing wise – losing a whole section of something I had sat up half the night writing due to a technical fault. Outside of writing – That’s a personal question I prefer not to think about as it makes it real again; the present is quite scary enough with Aspergers.

  • Who do you most admire in the whole world?

    Not a question that means much to me at the moment. Maybe when I’m older.

    Thanks Elizabeth. I look forward to your next novel.





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