Well I got a publishing contract from Devine Destinies back in February for my debut Seasoned Romance Novel Not Too old for Love: Grace’s turmoil.


Then the novel went through two stages of editing and is apparently with the proofer as I write. So, I suppose that the promised land of actual publication must be getting reasonably close, with just completion of the proofing stage and the cover art stages to go.

But this is where it gets tricky for me as we are getting into the marketing and social media stage, which I know next to nothing about. Apart from this blog my efforts at marketing via social media mainly consist of a presence on Facebook, a Facebook author’s page, and the occasional tweet.
However, I am also looking at some social media presence via YouTube and to that end have (with the assistance of one of my grandsons) put together a brief Question and Answer video on my romance novel and on seasoned romances. You can check this out below, and the link for it, should you want to pass it on, is https://youtu.be/0pdjr4dCzFU 


I hope to publish one or two more YouTube videos as the publisher’s work on the novel progresses and of course once I have cover artwork and a publishing date.
It then remains to see what marketing the publisher will do, and what links and help/suggestions they can give me on marketing in general and any specific tips. Of course I am happy to receive any suggestions on marketing my quirky, funny, sexy, easy read, romance novel that anybody is willing to offer.

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