Romance with older characters

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I’ve been reading a lot recently about a growing call for romance novels to have more mature heroines. These are often called Second Chance Romances, or Seasoned Romances, and tend to have a heroine aged forty plus. In fact, I believe that Seasoned Romances is either already a new genre or is set to become one.

And why not? After all, seventy is becoming the new fifty and older people aren’t ready for carpet slippers and daytime TV until much later in life than their parents were. So there is a need for this change in society to be reflected in all novels, but especially in romances.


This trend is supported by the fact that there are at least two Facebook groups relating to this new genre, namely Seasoned Romance, and Romance in Her Prime.

And whilst Seasoned Romances are less likely to be erotic they can certainly still have a fair amount of sex in them. But of course, much as sex is a major part of romance so as people grow older, even if their sex lives decline, they can still benefit from romance in other forms. And romance can strike at any age. Indeed, at my local Community Centre, a lovely gentleman has announced he’ll be getting married next year, and he is ninety.


My own contribution to Seasoned Romance novels is a contemporary sweet romance called Not Too Old for Love: Grace’s Turmoil, which is in the final stages of pre-publication tweaking. Hopefully, it is just a few months away from being published as an eBook.

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