Older and mature characters

Why did I choose to write about older characters, especially in a romance novel?

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Well, that’s an easy question to answer. It’s because I felt that in real life there was a misconception that once people hit forty their love lives stop and they don’t want—or can’t find—love or romance. And this misconception is carried over into romance novels. I want to try to help change this situation by writing about heroines and heroes who have experience of life.

My heroines and heroes will generally have been married before and been widowed or divorced. They will have baggage from their previous marriages and/or relationships. This baggage will be physical, emotional, and psychological and may well make it difficult for them to love again.


But they will also bring wisdom and valuable experience to any relationship and with my help will have fun and find love again. Hence my venture into the world of romance novels with my debut novel ‘Not Too Old for Love: Grace’s Turmoil.’ Hopefully ‘Not Too Old for Love’ will become a series title and there will be at least a further two novels to come at some time.

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I join a growing band of authors promoting mature characters and there are at least two Facebook sites promoting this concept. These are Seasoned Romance, and Romance in Her Prime. These authors are trying to redress the lamentable situation where the average romance reader is aged at least thirty plus, whilst the average romance novel heroine is in her early twenties.

So if you’re a mature lover of romance novels and looking for a romance novel that has characters you can identify with hopefully you will find one in Not Too Old for Love: Grace’s Turmoil in a few months time. In the meantime have a look at the Seasoned Romance, and Romance in Her Prime sites where you will find numerous novels to keep you going.

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