Publisher or Self-Publish?



When I decided to write a romance novel I didn’t particularly think about the publishing process. I certainly didn’t think about trying to get myself an Agent, or whether to self-publish or submit my work to a publishing house.

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But as I reached the end of the novel I had to make a decision on how I wanted to deal with the finished novel ‘Grace’s Turmoil’—how I wanted to become a published author. While I was well aware that there were many excellent books on the market that were self-published I decided that route was not for me. I felt I needed to have a publisher accept the work in order to know that I had produced something that at least was technically of a decent standard. And this was despite having received some really great help/advice and critique.

So I submitted Chapter One to a publisher to see if it was the sort of thing they published. Within twenty-four hours I’d received a response to the effect that it was but they felt the chapter was far too long. Encouraged by that I went through the twenty-six chapters, cut each of them in half and started to tidy them up and edit.

A year later the manuscript was finally re-written, polished, and edited to death. So, I re-submitted it to Devine Destinies. To my surprise and delight they liked it and offered me a contract, which I accepted. contract.jpeg

I had no idea at that stage how much more work I would have to do before the book was fit to be published. But some nine-months later the book was finished to the satisfaction of the publisher and me.


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Grace’s Turmoil, is a romance that features mature characters with emotional baggage and life experience. Characters mature readers of romance can identify with. Characters aged over sixty who are still capable of romances and relationships.

Pre-order for ‘Grace’s Turmoil’ starts on 1st December from Devine Destinies, and it will be released on the 15th. The icing on the cake is that when it is released to (and other 3rd party sites) it will be available in paperback form as well as an eBook. Hopefully, this will be just in time for Christmas.


    • Thank you, one of my loyal band of about four supporters of my blog. LOL. Peter

      Peter PerrinRomance with mature characters.Author of Grace’s Turmoil. (Book One ‘Not Too Old for Love’ series – t.b.p. 15th Dec. 2017) Twitter.


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