#Marketing #Debut

Marketing takes all forms and an author needs many tools in their marketing toolbox. And, I guess some marketing works better than others, but maybe it depends on the author and the material being publicised. Well, I’ve been marketing my debut novel, Grace’s Turmoil, a seasoned romance.

Marketing toolbox.png


The characters are all aged at least sixty but they’re a lively bunch with many determined to stave off old age as long as possible and to look for romance and a relationship. If you are looking for romance with mature characters whom you can identify with then this is the book for you.

Grace's Turmoil Mature (2).png

Check it out at Devine Destinies (https://goo.gl/FN2cuC) where it is available for Kindle, or at Amazon
https://goo.gl/XWjrCB (USA) or https://goo.gl/D8uEPD (UK) where you can get it as a Kindle book or a paperback.


I’ve been on numerous blogs over a two-week period right up to Christmas and have been active on Twitter, Facebook, and many romance writer/reader sites. On a local basis I’ve had posters displayed at Community Centres and Hairdressers, and have been interviewed by local radio (Swindon 105.5) and the local newspaper, (The Swindon Advertiser). Check it out at https://goo.gl/1D2DpP Plus, I’ve given out flyers and talked about the book to anyone who would listen.

If you can think of anything that worked for you that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to contact me about it. Let’s share good practice with all authors.


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