The Fighting Lancasters by Deb Julienne

Looks like a great read.

Viviana MacKade

Hi all,

I want to start the week with something super exciting!

Today I have the utmost pleasure to introduce you to the first of four novels that make up the Lawbreakers Collection.

Four stories where our Hero or Heroine come from the wrong side of the law. They have reasons, or something around that, but above all, they think they can strut through their lawbreakers’ life without losing their heart. Ha! My friends and I are so ready to show them better!

Now, the release date for Lawbreakers is January 30, but in the meantime you can follow a great group we’ve created for the collection. In it we’ll give you guys snippets, inedited contents, talk about our stories, our characters, and pretty much anything you’ll want to ask us. We’ll have a Cover Reveal there as well in a week or so with a link for your preorders.

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