The Storm and The Sea by January George

At last the world gets to see what this great writer can do.

Viviana MacKade

Here we are!

As promised, here’s the second story from the Lawbreakers Collection.

This amazing story from the amazing January George is The Storm and The Sea (isn’t this a great title???)

I also had the pleasure to have January for a little peek inside her life, writing time, and story.

I have a three-year-old, a husband, and a full-time job, so finding time to write is kind of like panning for gold in a puddle in Delaware. Most of my writing takes place, yawning and sucking down coffee, at nine-thirty at night after the kiddo is asleep and the dinner dishes are done. Despite my limited time, I, like many other writers I know, have several projects going at once, and a bunch more floating around in my head. I was knee deep in a coast guard pilot/real estate developer romance, when inspiration for The Storm and the Sea…

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