Author guest spot: Deb Julienne

Welcome to Deb Julienne with information on her novel The Fighting Lancasters, part of the forthcoming Lawbreakers set.

It’s no lie that life has its ups and downs. Some people have it all…and then there’s me. Yes, I’m laughing. My motto in life isn’t the following for nothing. “It’s not a matter of if things go wrong, make no mistake it will, the question is how bad and do I have the sense of humor to survive.”
While some say truth is stranger than fiction, my experiences run more along the lines of a slap-stick comedy. I make my own Limoncello…enough said. Onto my story background.
Our first friends are our siblings. This can be good or bad, depending on the relationship you develop as you’re growing up.
My story is about three siblings…The Fighting Lancaster’s: Frank, Lily, and Chrys.
These kids have been at odds since the day they were born. Why? That’s what happens when two geniuses fall in love and give birth to have three genius children. ABSOLUTE CHAOS!
Frank is the eldest. He’s a financial wizard who made his first million before he turned 21.
Lily has both beauty and brains. But it’s that combination that helps discover the truth.
As for Chrys, she’s always felt stupid when in the company of her elder brother, the financial wizard, and downright ugly beside her international supermodel sister. The only place she feels comfortable is on the computer where no one can see her.
They may be related by blood, but it’s not until the death of their father and the family business is about to be ruined, that the Lancaster siblings come together, battle it out, and then fight to save everything their parents stood for.
Add a murder, computer espionage, and someone trying to steal the formula three patent pending serum breakthroughs, and a romance for Chrys and you’ve got trouble with The Fighting Lancaster’s.
Along the way the siblings find themselves embroiled in a bitter feud between Lancaster Pharmaceuticals, the Board of Directors of Lancaster Laboratories, and the media accusing them of stealing and selling the formula for the first real possible cures for Cancer, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s to the highest bidder.


The Fighting Lancasters
Chrysanthemum Lancaster is a geek to the core. The youngest of three children, all geniuses, and yet they have trouble fitting into their own family. Chrys has always felt stupid when compared with her elder brother the financial wizard, and ugly when beside her older international supermodel sister. The only place she feels comfortable is on the computer where no one can see her. When their father is killed, the three Lancaster’s must quit their bickering and find a way to get along. While her siblings believe the police report that it was an accident, wrong place, wrong time, Chrys takes it into her own hands and contact an old hacker buddy to help her discover the truth. Along the way the three siblings find themselves embroiled in a bitter fight between Lancaster Pharmaceuticals, the Board of Directors, and the media accusing them of stealing and selling the three patent pending serum breakthroughs on the big C to the highest bidder.

Nicholas Porter AKA the Dark Knight, was well on his way to a life behind bars for hacking into the Government database, the National Treasury, and the NASA for the fun of it. Thanks to his current boss, who saw the brilliance in him, he now works for the FBI Cyber Crimes Team. When his old sidekick, 4n0m@ly, contacts him begging for his computer skills to uncover a murderer, three things soon become abundantly clear: 1) Can he use his Federal skills to help an old friend? 2) Will he have to break a promise to the man who saved his life? 3) What happens when 4n0m@ly turns out to be a very pretty female trying to save her family legacy, find a killer behind the death of her father, and if it’s the same person who stole the secret recipe that was about to go public as a cure for Cancer.


Lily took one of her hands and squeezed.
Frank took the other hand and said, “Personally, I blame our Mother and Father. Who the hell names their son, Frankincense?”
Lily chuckled.
“That was her favorite fragrance.” Chrys bit her bottom lip, pain squeezed her heart as the age-old emotions surfaced again.
Frank scowled. “Have you looked up the definition of Frankincense? It’s an aromatic gum resin used in religious and ceremonial practices and in fumigation preparations. Oh joy, that’s me.” His volume rose and intensified, his cheeks were rosy with embarrassment.
“Did you ever talk to mom about that? I did. She gave you that name because she considered you a precious gift that came on Christmas Eve. You know, the wise men that brought the Christ child gifts. That’s why she named you that,” Chrys said.
Frank wore a confounded look on his face. “She should have told me.”
“You should have asked,” Chrys said, pointedly.
“What’s her excuse for me, naming me after the death flower, a Calla Lily?” Lily curled her nose as if she’d breathed in the most noxious fumes.
“For your information, she named you that because she thought you were the most beautiful baby she’d ever scene. She said your name needed to signify your magnificence and beauty.” Chrys pinch her lips shut, hurt that her siblings were so clueless about their own mom.
There were tears in Lily’s eyes. She sniffed. “I looked it up once when I was younger and the dictionary said it was a deadly plant. I thought that meant she didn’t like me.”
“What about you Chrysanthemum? Care to explain?” Frank urged, with a hint of humor in his tone.
“As a matter of fact, she said she considered me a wild, beautiful flower, multifaceted. The exterior is that of a circle until it opened and surprised you with a variety of shapes and colors. She said she knew there was more inside me. Not quite as brilliant or grand as Frankincense and Calla Lily, but then again, I’m unique,” Chrys muttered under her breath.


While some say truth is stranger than fiction, Deb Julienne’s experience runs more along the lines of a slap-stick comedy. When life tosses you lemons the only thing to do is to turn it into Limoncello.

Her life, like her comedies, have been one big fat romantic comedy…of errors. It’s not a matter of “if” it can go wrong, but how bad when it does happen, and make no mistake…it will. Survival with a sense of humor is the goal.
Joking aside, Deb’s dream of being published came true with the release of her first book in the Twisted Sisters Club Series, Sex, Lies and Beauty Aids, which was released March 2014. Since then she’s added to more to her Twisted Sister Club: Sex, Secrets, & Happily Ever Afters, and Love, Lies, and Alibis. She’s working on the final book in that series Love, Laughter, & Lullabies Ever After.

In additions she’s begun to writing Westerns introducing The Bronco Boys with the Story of Hannah Parks in A Splash of Romance. Sterling Bronco’s story can be found in the Cowboy Country Anthology. Followed by a novella about Clayton and Quinton Bronco in Cowboys, Bulls, and Buckles box set. Blake Bronco can be found in More Cowboy Country. The rest of the Bronco Series sage is in process: Dane, Clayton, Quinton, Virgil, Wyatt, Logan, and Darcy…stay tuned.

And not to be left out are her Romantic Suspense stories. Guilty Until Proven Innocent is in the Holding a Hero Heroes boxset #1 and Destiny’s Child is in the Dreaming of a Hero in Heroes boxset #2.

Deb is a long-time member of both Romance Writers of America (RWA) and her local RWA Chapter, the Sacramento Valley Roses. When she’d done with her day job, she’s writing romantic comedy and romantic suspense or playing in the kitchen concocting her award-winning jams, jellies, preserves, and sauces (with alcohol of course).

Born and raised in San Jose, California, she now resides in the Tahoe National Forest Basin, her own little bit of heaven on Earth, with her husband of 37 years, their three sons and one daughter, and six very precious grand kids.

Twitter: @debjulienne

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