Meet the Author

I recently I had the pleasure of hosting a Meet the Author session at my local library. I talked for about twenty minutes about my background and how I came to start writing at the grand old age of sixty-nine. Then I read part of Chapter one of my debut novel, a romance titled, Grace’s Turmoil.  This novel is unique in that it is set in an upmarket retirement village in England, and nearly all the characters are aged at least sixty.

This might not sound very exciting, but believe me,  there’s plenty of romance, tension, and physical interaction. If you think that people over sixty all have one foot in the grave and are simply waiting for the grim reaper then this book will set you right.

Author2 (3).jpg

It was a very active session with about a dozen attendees ranging in age from ten to eighty-plus. The Question and Answer session was intended to last half-an-hour but went so well it ran on for a further thirty minutes.

The bonus to the event was that the librarian has agreed to stock a copy of Grace’s Turmoil in both branches of the library, so now local people can get the book to read from there.

Grace’s Turmoil is available as a eBook from DevineDestinies. com, and an eBook or paperback from Amazon. If you like your hero to be older than your own son, or just like the hero and heroine to have life experience and maybe emotional baggage then you have to read it.

And now, just one month from my seventy-fourth birthday I find myself working on Chapter One for the sequel to Grace’s Turmoil. This will be Book Two in the series Not Too Old for Love. Hopefully there will even be a Book Three at some time.






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