Ageing and how to deal with it.

I’m no expert on getting old, so if you need expert advice you may need to look elsewhere.
But I can write about how I feel about it and how I deal with it. Plus, my thoughts on other peoples views on older people and what they can/can’t do etc.

Like most of us wrinklies/seniors/pensioners etc I never gave any thought to ageing until I formally retired, almost nine years ago.


Maybe one reason I hadn’t given it any thought was that both my parents died in their mid-fifties, so I guess I didn’t expect to live to any great age. Then as I was approaching seventy reality dawned on me, I was OLD.
The interesting thing is that over four years later I feel younger than I did then. This isn’t down to exercise or diet as I do next to no exercise and just try to eat reasonably healthily. It’s down to a largely mental activity.
author quote 1.jpeg
I’ll be interested in hearing what other people do to keep themselves at least feeling young, especially mentally. My own solution was to start writing. But not just any writing. Writing a novel in fact and getting it published. Better than that I chose to write a romance about seniors and have them living in a retirement village, so all the characters are sixty or older.

Grace's Turmoil (4).jpg

I would strongly advocate older people taking up some sort of writing, even if it is only for their own pleasure and their own eyes. It stimulates the mind and in my case lead to radio and newspaper interviews and even hosting a Meet the Author session.
Have a look at some of my earlier blog posts. The one on Baby Boomers’ approach to ageing is a great example of what can be done late in life.

Take care, think young, and please give me some feedback.


  1. My husband is 76 but doesn’t look it, he still plays guitar and enjoys playing at clubs, sadly younger people do look their age or older which these days is I’m my opinion, a great pity.


  2. That’s great to learn, Teresa. Hopefully I’m the same and people won’t realise from my picture above that I’m almost 74. And its not just looks. At the community centre Matinee Club I go to once a month most people are in their 80s or older and their energy on the dance floor is amazing.


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