Don’t be negative about getting older.

There’s no point in feeling negative about getting older. There’s no point in being envious of younger people and the years they’ve hopefully got ahead of them.


Just think about making the most of your life. Think how many younger people have to go to work every day, at a set time, and stay there until it’s their time to finish. They can be doing a job they don’t like, or even one they hate. They may have a boss or colleagues they don’t like (or worse), but mostly they have to suck it up because they need the money.

If you’re old enough to be retired you probably have the freedom to do what you want, where and when you want, as long as it’s legal and you can afford it. Why not make the most of your freedom to do something new? Take up painting, sculpting, ballroom dancing, even writing.


Learn a new language, take up a hobby/sport like cycling, fishing, bowls etc. The world is your oyster.

But, whatever you do then if possible make it something to help with your physical or mental health. I can’t do a lot because of C.O.P.D but I go fishing and do quite a bit of fiction writing (which keeps my brain sharp and helps stave off dementia).

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Late last year I was fishing and caught a new personal best carp of 26 pounds at a club water and I couldn’t have done that when I did if I’d been stuck in a job somewhere.


In December I had my first novel published (at the age of 73) and am working on my second. I’d recommend writing a novel or some short stories, especially if you can get into a writing group. That way you get to exercise your brain in a way that isn’t boring, and you mix with like-minded people, so you get company as well.


If you are retired how do you keep occupied, and avoid loneliness? How do you pass the time and keep your mind sharp and/or your body healthy/fit?


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