Don’t let your handicap rule your life.

I want to tell you about someone I feel is a shining example of how NOT to let a handicap rule your life. That person is my lovely wife of forty years, Ann.


Ann has had a serious eyesight condition for over twenty years which means she has no central vision. For many people, probably me included, that would mean accepting you just can’t do much. But, not for Ann.

While she has had to accept she can no longer do some things, like knitting and fishing, she continues with others like crocheting, baking, and gardening.

Here she is taking  a break and posing with a couple of our statues.


It is quite a sight to see Ann gardening as she practically has to have her nose in the ground to plant things and do weeding. But she loves it all.

She is also a whiz on her computer and the queen of spreadsheets, despite having to wear special glasses and sometimes use a magnifying glass.

Writing photo.jpg

As if that wasn’t enough she has also started in recent months to spread her wings with new ventures. I already attend a local writing group in Swindon, England, called Liden Writers. And Ann has now joined the same group. Despite her limited eyesight and zero writing experience, she has produced some great short stories already.


On top of that, she has got herself involved with our local Community Radio Station (Swindon 105.5) and is an active and popular co-presenter, researcher, and interviewer there.


So, there you have it. A shining example to us all, disabled or not. You don’t have to let your disability rule your life.

Please feel free to comment and let me know how you, a friend, or loved one cope with a disability.

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