A week in my writing life

With just under five years writing experience I’m still quite a novice at writing.

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But, I’ve already found out what a great connection it can give you to other people. On Tuesday I joined a writing group in Marlbough, England, and had to opportunity to read and critique some work from people far more experienced than me.


Next month I’ll be throwing myself on their mercy by submitting chapter one of my second book (no title yet) for critique by the members. Book one, Grace’s Turmoil is not only available from Devine Destinies and Amazon but is also to be stocked by two local libraries. That’s cool.


Then on Wednesday I was asked to attend a local social group in Swindon, England, to talk about writing and offer them some help and advice about how to get into writing and how to publish any writing they had already done.

Today I attended my weekly meeting of the Liden Writers group in east Swindon and was able to hear stories from other members and read out my latest short story,  ‘A tight situation.’

Writing photo.jpg

The point I am trying to make is that writing has brought me into contact with people of all ages in various parts of Swindon. They are people at quite different stages of their writing, with a great deal of difference in their skill level and their expectations.

Some people just want to write to enjoy themselves, or to occupy their time in some meaningful way. They don’t want to give or receive critique and the social part of writing is as important to them as the actual writing itself.  Others want to do the best they can and to be able to help other would-be-writers, so they offer and receive critique. Some don’t care if nobody ever sees their work and others aspire to publication, even to writing a best seller.

So, it is obvious to me that writing is something I should have got into years ago instead of waiting until I was sixty-nine to start on my first novel, Grace’s Turmoil. And with that published and available on DevineDestinies.com and Amazon I am now working on Book 2 of the series. But I’m also writing short stories every week, and this keeps me stimulated instead of getting bogged down with the massive task of trying to write another novel.

So, if you haven’t tried writing yet, whether a novel, a short story, a poem, or whatever—don’t put off starting. You’ll get a lot out of writing, whatever form you choose and it will help keep your mind sharp.



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