The best of both worlds.

What a strange day. Several hours spent fishing for Carp at my club lake.


And at the same time (between bites) I was trying to think of scenes/plot etc for my second novel, and scribbling notes. This is a sequel to Grace’s Turmoil (which is available on Amazon) but as yet has no title. Fishing and romance novel writing, what a weird combination to be doing at the same time.

Grace's Turmoil (4).jpg

Somehow it is easier to focus on my writing when I’m sat by the side of the lake. Maybe it’s because I don’t have any distractions, like Facebook – Twitter – emails – Netflix – or this blog. Mind you I do have a load of noisy traffic rushing down the road behind me and aircraft and helicopters buzzing around from RAF Brize Norton, so it’s not exactly a bubble of silence.


So, now I have several pages of notes scribbled in a reporters spiral notebook and I have to try to make sense of them, so I can write them up in a tidier, more legible state. If I do it soon I’ll be able to use my poor memory to help fill in the gaps and illegible writing. By tomorrow I’ll have forgotten what the notes were about.

author quote 1.jpeg

Writing is hard enough without my memory letting me down, so I don’t remember what I wrote before, or where I put it. Lol.

Still, chapter one is done of book two, only another twenty-five to go.

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