Reflections on a near miss

Well I guess this a logical, but unplanned follow-on to my last blog about getting old.


I’ve been feeling off colour for a couple of weeks now and thought this was due to an ongoing condition. Turns out I was wrong, and my heart was about to give me an unwelcome shock.



I felt pretty rough on Friday with pain in places that had never before experienced pain. Saturday morning was pretty intense with even my jaw aching. Unfortunately, I had to wait two hours for paramedics to check me out and announce I’d had a heart attack. Then it was a forty-five-minute trip up the M4 motorway, rather than my local hospital in Swindon.

The journey was straight out of my novel ‘Grace’s Turmoil’.

Grace's Turmoil (4).jpg

The paramedics gave me swift and professional attention and reassurance. The arrival at the hospital was somewhat different in real life to the one in my book though. For a start there wasn’t a queue of ambulances backed up outside, waiting to discharge their patients. Neither was there a queue inside.

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Instead the team slid me straight onto a table. And before I knew what was going on the consultant informed me had put one stent into my heart. Amazing service.

The next surprise was that I didn’t have to lay on a trolley in a corridor waiting for a bed in a ward. This was what I’d seen on the news in recent months. And it seems the hospital had been like that for three days recently and I had struck lucky. I had a bed arranged in the emergency admissions ward.

Related image

The quality of the medical attention has been, as expected, first class. But the standard of the facilities and the quality of the food have proved to be an unexpected bonus.

Tomorrow is decision day on whether surgery is the desired option or not. If it is then I’ll be here for a couple of weeks and unable to drive for six months.  I’ll do another blog to update things as and when I can.

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For the moment I have to say that this sort of experience is making me reflect on my life to date. Also, what is important to me and what my life will be like in the future.

In conclusion. Make the most of your life, for you never know when something might snatch it away from you. Then the things you promised to do won’t happen.




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