Welcome to Reflections of an aging writer. The spiritual home of Peter Perrin, author of romances with mature characters and writer of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and poetry.



I write sweet, seasoned romance involving larger-than-life mature characters who will make you rethink your views on older people in a positive way. My characters are mature in age but not necessarily in their behaviour. They may not be in the first flush of youth but that doesn’t stop some of them acting like hormonal teenagers. I also write Flash Fiction (less than 500 words) and the occasional poem. I am trying to learn the art of screenwriting to adapt my novel Grace’s Turmoil for TV or the stage. My latest venture was to enrol on a Writing for Children course and I am just starting on a Science Fiction novel for teenagers.

I was born in Romford, Essex, in England. For the past twenty-one years, I have lived with my wife of almost forty-one years in a quiet suburb of Swindon, in the county of Wiltshire, in England. I am a father and grandfather.

I am a veteran of The Royal Air Force and have served in the UK, and in Madagascar, Singapore, and Aden—which nowadays is part of Yemen. Post RAF I worked in Saudi Arabia for a year.

After almost fifteen-years’ service in The Royal Air Force, I worked in Engineering, Quality Control, and Procurement Management, not to mention myriad smaller jobs in between those careers.

Now retired my interests are Writing and (despite being in my early seventies) PlayStation games and the online computer game World of Warcraft. Sadly I am having to give up my passion for Carp Fishing due to ill-health and my fairly recent heart attack.

My favourite quote is “Youth passes, but with luck, immaturity can last a lifetime.”