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In the early years of my second marriage, I started writing poetry, and also short stories for my step-children. Then some 4 years ago my then 14-year-old-grandaughter had 2 novellas published and I was inspired to try writing a novel myself. I wanted to write something that would show older people were capable of friendships, relationships, and even love. So, despite having never read a single romance book the idea of writing my very own romance novel was born.

That novel, Grace’s Turmoil, is available at, plus the following sites. (paperback) (paperback)

First signing of a copy of Grace’s Turmoil.

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Two sequels to my debut novel are planned and an outline for the first of these already exists in my head. The main characters for this exist in “Not Too Old for Love” Book 1, and a possible relationship has already been hinted at.

The characters for Book 3 will be taken from the initial book,  and their possible relationship will probably be hinted at in Book 2.

 Grace’s Turmoil is a seasoned romance and will particularly appeal to mature ladies who want to be able to identify with their heroines. At the age of sixty-eight, Grace has been through a painful divorce and brings some emotional baggage to her potential new relationship.

So, Seniors, Baby Boomers, etc. Here is a book right for you. There’s love, romance, sex, intrigue and plenty of conflict. Be sure not to miss it.