Seasoned Romance

Seasoned Romances

At last the publishing industry is starting to respond to the growing demand for romance novels to have more mature heroines. These are known as Seasoned Romances, or Second Chance Romances, and tend to have a heroine aged forty plus. In fact, I believe that Seasoned Romances is either already a new genre or is set to become one. 

Older people are starting to want heroines, and indeed heroes, to be people who have experienced life—people they can identify with. For them to have been married previously, to be divorced or widowed, and to have day-to-day problems to contend with.

It is my intention to, in my own small way,  respond to this demand and I will be writing my ‘Not Too Old for Love’ series in this vein.  There are at least two Facebook sites promoting this genre, Romance in Her Prime, and Seasoned Romance. There may be others I am unaware of.

So, if these are the sort of romances you are looking for rest assured that several authors have already published novels to meet this need. And the first of my books ‘Not Too Old for Love: Grace’s Turmoil’ is to be published, hopefully around January 2018.

And I will be adding to this with the first of my books ‘Not Too Old for Love: Grace’s Turmoil’, which is to be published hopefully around January 2018.

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